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This game is a simple shooter game made by a single 12 year old boy (WHO STILL GOES TO SCHOOL!!!). If you wanna waste your time and do nothing else then DON'T PLAY THIS! (Unless if you wanna). If you HAVE something else to do THEN play this. Because who has time to do any stuff? this game has no storyline, soundtrack, nothing. just..... plain BORINGNESS to lose everything you have here. JUST PLAY THIS GAME ALREADY!!! (WARNING: this game could take 10 minutes or it can take HOURS to finish. I'm not joking this is EXTREMELY HARD. If you have stress or something idk don't play this. It could get you a heart attack or something. or maybe not uhhh idk i'm not a doctor, i'm a 12 year old kid remember?)

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Published345 days ago
TagsAbstract, atari, Colorful, one-hit-kill, Pixel Art, Short, Space, Third Person, Top-Down, Top down shooter
Player countSingleplayer

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......exe (4 MB)


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this game super fun and interesting addicting fun stuff


btw this game looks like a virus but this game is not a virus